Automotive Pre-purchase inspections (ppi)

If you agree to buy a car, you can make it contingent on an inspection; just like you would with a house. This is the idea of PPI’s or, pre-purchase inspections. Some people opt to have a local mechanic throw their potential new purchase up on a lift and inspect it or will bring in experts from all over to get their opinions on the ride. Just like with a home inspection, you may not be able to just hire one person to inspect the entire car. The guy who comes in to check out if you’ve got mold in your walls is probably not the same guy you use as your plumber. They might be, but they might not be. This same idea spills over into the car market, as well.

People’s expectations as it pertains to PPI’s vary across the board but often will often negate the “caveat emptor” (or, “buyer beware”) precedent that has been set in the used car market. Dealers, because of the “as-is” clause, can say a lot of things to encourage a buyer to spring on a purchase. But it’s ultimately on the buyer to determine if they’re comfortable with it or not.

Listen to Doug break down the essential guide to PPI’s and determine for yourself if your next car purchase will include one!

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