We are BACK with another season of SwitchCast: everyone’s favorite automotive podcast hosted by two-time Cannonball Run record holder and founder of Switchcars, Doug Tabbutt. Join us this week as we discuss Porsche, bankruptcy, price spikes in the car market, Carvana, and other automotive news topics.


Doug and the team at Switchcars were able to be a part of a record-setting auction for a Ferrari 456M; one of 30 Michael Schumacher editions in the world! Lessons were learned along the way and Doug shares them with you.

Tesla is slashing prices after a lackluster fourth quarter while Porsche is setting records for car sales. How do we make sense of this?

Meanwhile, Carvana is spiraling toward bankruptcy. When this happens, will there be an influx of cars to the market that will result in a complete crash of the market?

Speaking of the car market, there’s been a very noteworthy auction result that may be an indicator of certain market trends…

The Amelia Island Conqueror (Now, The Amelia by Hagerty) is honoring Jeff Gordon and a certain demographic (cough, Corvette owners, cough) is quite upset with ticket prices as a result.

Also pertaining to Corvette owners, we’ve got a new character this season: The Corvette Curmudgeon (seen on the VINwiki survey panel). The name pretty much says all you need to know about this guy.

Doug recounts how he got banned from the Wholesale Car Club

Doug also tackles the question of “What’s the best adult car?”

So sit back, relax, and listen to this entertaining, information-packed episode!

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