The Anonymous Team That Beat Doug & Arne’s Record

There is some confusion about how many times the Cannonball record was broken during the COVID-19 lockdowns (or at least the early stages of the lockdown when traffic was at greatly reduced levels).

Ed Bolian stated that it took six years for his record to be broken, but in the span of a couple months that it was broken seven times. What that meant was that the time his time of 28:50 was only beaten once in six years pre-COVID, but although 28:50 was bested seven times in a couple months, the outright record only fell twice.

Once was me and Arnie regaining our title and once was the infamous (but anonymous) team dubbed Captain Chaos. They was the team that we had to take our record back from three years later – almost to the day! We are pleased to have the first and only interview with the captain of that team; joining me tonight via Zoom is Chris Allen: captain of the team that did 26 hours and 38 minutes on April 4th, 2020.

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