Buying a Car? Ask These Questions?

This season we’ll be focusing primarily on topics and guests that help our listeners be smarter buyers and sellers, avoid scams, and make informed decisions from their initial purchase through all aspects of ownership

In this follow-up to last week’s episode (which you can check out here), we’re answering the other side of this question; what are the questions you should ask when buying a car? However, as I was prepping for this episode I came to the realization that there really are no questions that are a silver bullet.

So, we’re going to provide a list of “instead of asking this question, ask this instead!”

  1. Don’t Ask: “Was it serviced at a dealer?”
    • Do Ask: “What service records do you have?”
  2. Don’t Ask: “Does it have a clean Carfax?”
    • Do Ask: “Is there any history of paintwork or damage repair?”
  3. Don’t Ask: “Where is the car from?”
    • Do Ask: “How was the car stored?”
    • OR: “Did it ever see salty roads?”
  4. Don’t Ask: “How long has it been for sale?”
    • Do Ask: “How long have you owned it?”
  5. Don’t Ask: “Is it on consignment?”
    • Do Ask: “What is the title status?”
  6. Don’t Ask: “Why are you selling it?”
    • Do Ask: “Are there any specific things that do not work on the car?”
  7. Don’t Ask: “How old was the owner?”
    • Do Ask: “What other cars have you owned?”
    • OR: Virtually any question that will allow you to learn more about the owner.
  8. Don’t Ask: “What’s your bottom line?”
    • Do Ask: “Are you negotiable?”

For the various reasons why these questions are better and more information, listen to the episode in full below!

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